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Working with an overlocker means saving time and stitching fast. An overlock machine sews, cuts and finishes seams in one operation for efficiency and with precision, and is the perfect companion to a sewing machine. We’;ve gathered together our best overlocker tips and techniques to help you build your overlocking skillsaccent pillow case baby burlap, from threading your machine to sewing knit garments.

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Don’;t dread how to thread your machine! Check out this step-by-step post on How to Thread an Overlocker to see how it’;s done.

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Have you ever needed to turn a corner with your overlocker? Learn the fine points of pivoting around an inside corner with your overlocker in this tip post.

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Have you ever noticed the finishing stitching on active wear? By simply adjusting the tension settings on your overlocker you can create a flatlock stitch with the same look! Find out how with the Active Wear Sewn with a Flatlock Stitch tutorial.

Learn how to create professional looking stitching on denim jeans with your overlocker in the Jeans Sewn with a 3-Thread Overlock tutorial.

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If you’;re tackling a t-shirt for the first time, check out this tutorial that includes lots of helpful tips to creating a Custom T-Shirt with an Overlocker.

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Speaking of quick-to-sew garments, you’;ll be amazed at how fast you can create this simple, free to download?Tank Top pattern with an overlocker!

Create a fun throw blanket from those themed t-shirt’;s you’;ve been collecting using your overlocker! Follow along with the T-Shirt Quilt tutorial to learn how it’;s made.

And last but certainly not least, use your overlocker to create an eco-friendly, reusable gift wrap topped off with a bow! Use plain fabric in favorite colors, or coordinate your fabric choice to specific holiday themes. Find the Big Bow Reusable Gift Wrap tutorial here.

Hi everyone! It's been a while since I've posted a new instructable! This is a present I made for a friend in May, I just didn't have time to post due to a long few months of exams. I was even a day late in making and giving this to her for her birthday because it happened to be on the same date as a big exam! In this instructable, I'm going to teach you to make your very own, personalized heart pillow for a friend or significant other. You can even make it a sachet by stuffing it with lavender! Not only is this heart pillow beautiful, it is incredibly simple, and will take no longer than an hour or two! I hope you enjoy this instructable!

Fabric belts are pretty easy to make, and I'll show you how to make them stiff enough to support bags, knives, mugs, or whatever else you can think of.? Want to make interchangeable bags to hang from your belt?? I've got you covered: You will need: Fabric for the shell of the belt (can be two different colours; then it's reversible!) Fabric for interlining (you may omit this if your shell fabric is heavy and stiff) Ultra-stiff sew-in interfacing/stabilizer (you may omit this if you don't need your belt to bear weight) Something to secure your belt - a clasp, a large D-ring, etc. Optional: 1-inch D-rings If you are going to use a normal belt buckle, you will also need: A leather punch A belt buckle of the appropriate width Note: If you buy things from Jo-Ann Fabrics, always use the coupons!? I never pay full price there. Plus normal sewing things: thread, scissors, pins, measuring tape or ruler, pen/pencil/chalk, etc. For inserting the interfacing, you will also need a hand-sewing needle and a cork, rubber eraser, or similar item.

So… are you still holding out hope that you will finish that last Christmas stocking? The stocking for the now 20-month-old who will remain nameless (sorry Quinn,) going on their second Christmas without one? Jaime gave you one great last minute stocking solution. Here’s another. I whipped this one up on Christmas Eve a few years back, before I had sewn a lick, so I know it can be done. Just cut your stocking shape out of a double layer of felt, stitch around the edge and embellish with felt shapes and trim. Mine are just glued right on there and have stayed through multiple holiday seasons and household moves! Sew on a ribbon for hanging. Super easy!