accent pillow case baby burlap Put Spring Into Your Home – Part 4 – Living Rooms funny cushion covers

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Bring a touch of spring into your living you by injecting a bright colour. It's important not to go overboard with the colour otherwise the room can look over cluttered as the eye has no where definite to focus upon. If you make use a bold on-trend pattern on a focal wall keep the other walls plain, pick the paint colour from one used in the wallpaper pattern.

If you don't want to wallpaper the entire room this year a panel of large print pattern is also on-trend and again enables you to select your furnishing colours from those in the print to tie the room together. You don't need to ladle on the colour for it to be effective, one or two bright colours are all that are needed to lift your living room and give it the 'wow' factor.

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You can mix patterns as much as you like howeveraccent pillow case baby burlap, you shouldn't use more than three colours of differing tones. Surprise yourself and your room by using neutral tones and just using a bright accent to provide subtle injections of colour either in cushions or Jazz curtains. If you love pattern use small print wallpaper and keep furniture and accessories simple and clean this allows the wallpaper to do the showing off and can easily lift a room from dull and boring into a bright and lively space.

If you like changing the look of your living room frequently opt for a trendy black and white base and simply swap the accessories as the mood takes you! Colours don't have to be bright and bold to achieve a stunning look, colours can be neutral, such as brown beige and taupes for a more grown up look. To pep the scheme up add one contrasting colour such as orange to give the room chic styling.

If you're a little scared of using colour choose ready made curtains UK which has a white or neutral background as this will dampen the effect of the colour without it becoming bland. Many interior designers believe that black is a better base colour than white because the contrast is that much greater, black also works well with this year's acidic colours and this year's 'official' colour turquoise. In the same way black makes a great background colour the same is true for colour making a good background for black, so if you have a black sofa and chairs use bright contrasting colours on the walls and in accessories to bring your living room alive.

If you think black too dark, grey is a great base colour and is ideal for mixing with spring colours such as yellow or green. For those who can't resist a white as the main base colour add hot pinks, orange and red together to give your room the 'wow' factor. If you like colour but would rather in not be on show all of the time Roman blinds or roller blinds in a bold colour will enable you to reduce the amount of colour in your living room during the day to leave you with a calmer and more soothing colour scheme.

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