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August is the last official month of summer before we move into September - with lots of showers and cooler nights. We will be taking a look at how you can use the last of the summer sun to your advantage. Interior design and decorating go through seasonal changes due to the weather conditions outside.

Everything lightens up in the summer from colours to textiles and even moods. Those of you who have a garden or terrace can eat alfresco and invite guests for outdoor dining. Not everything about summer and interior design is thumbs up though - restless nights and sun damage come to mind.

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So to introduce our new topic, we have some great interior design tips on keeping cool at home. Being Britishaccent pillow case baby burlap, we are not naturally good with high temperatures that can come out of the blue - we easily become tired, frustrated and look to walk on the shady side of the road.

We love it when we can enjoy the beach or sit around a pool - but this isn't always an option. That is why we need to address our homes to see what we can do to stay cool when it all becomes too much! Think of light, breezy interior design tips and find them right here.

Make summer reading especially fun with a personalized book tote…perfect for kids of all ages. Go from the library to the car, and then on to the beach reading in style. Stitch this fast and simple tote by Renae Allen?to practice free-motion quilting, free-motion embroidery, and to learn simple construction skills.

I promised my friend Anna I would making stockings for her kids. ?Umm, Christmas is in three days, oops! ?So I used our Christmas Stocking Pattern & Tute, but I skipped the layering, batting, and quilting and just went straight from cutting out the pattern to sewing it into a stocking, then added the bias tape on top and called it a day!15 minutes. Sorry Anna… but they still turned out aight, right? The trick is using a stiffer fabric, in this case Anna Maria Horner’s ridik gorg Innocent Crush Velveteen in Maybe Memory?from Fabricworm. ?BUT if you don’t have any luxurious velveteen lying around, recycling an old curtain?or some tea towels?would work well. ?If your fabric isn’t stiff enough just iron on some fusible interfacing. Then hang by the chimney with care…Voila! Get the full free?Christmas Stocking Pattern and Tute here.

Hi everyone!This instructables is gonna show you step by step how to sew this "Shark Backpack".It is gr8 for kids and is a great extra bag, to carry your water around ,if you make it smaller with no stripes it can hold color pencils ,or you may as well make it bigger and store bigger things inside,perhaps books,towel,you named!Out of this instructables you also should be able to make the same shark with no stripes and have it as a cosmetic bag,for the summer,also stuffed it would make a cute comfy pillow for your sofa or car ...let your creativity out,explore and love it!I'v been living in small Caribbean island for some time now,not that i'm complaining but is really hard to get tools,supplies,even fabric for my bags i always purchase white canvas and domestic fabric and then i'm dyeing them my self,(as you learn in my Beach Bag instructables)there is always plenty of colored fabric around so i use it in times of need,mostly every day!Let us start with our project!Mark said go!