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 pillow cover home decor     |      2020-01-18 14:16

Both my husband and son have been hit by Spring colds which gave me a reason to try making DIY Vicks Shower Soothers. Remember those? ?We used to use them when my son was small, but I wasn’;t able to find them this past week.

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My husbands cold was a couple of weeks ago and my son’;s hit his past weekend, resulting in him staying home from school on Monday. Thank goodness this is a fast moving cold, I hate seeing my baby not feeling well.

I’;ve pulled out the vaporizer, added a few drops of essential oilspillow cover home decor, (Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Camphor) to place in his room at night. I’;ve rubbed his feet with Vicks (then you put socks on) and I made up a batch of these Shower Soothers like a Vick’;s Shower Disk that fill the steamy air with nasal clearing goodness.

I picked up the oils I needed at New Seasons. I like blending these 3 together.

The bad thing is, my son is not a fan of these scents. He’;s also not a fan of anything mint, but that’;s beside the point. I make him use one in the shower to open up the airways and clear out the sinus’;s.

I had never made these before, so I over did it on the oils…;.Oh my heck! When I opened the oven after baking them…;…;I was hit with a blast of Mr. Vicks. My house smelled like a bath house and I’;m pretty sure my silicone muffin molds will smell like Vicks forever.

I also realized I should have looked up how others made these…;…;.but how hard could it be? ?It’;s just baking soda, essential oils and water…;…;then bake and set aside. But like I mentioned, I added WAY too much of each oil and I would use less water next time since mine are pretty fragile. If they fall apart, I plan on just scooping a couple of tablespoons into the shower or use in the bath. ?Why not?

They were still great in the shower however. ?To get the full affect, you may want to steam up your bathroom a few minutes before entering the shower. I placed mine on the side while the bathroom was steaming, then dumped it on the shower floor when I entered the shower. Even though I didn’;t have a cold, this was still quiet soothing.

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