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 pillow cover home decor     |      2020-01-20 04:06

Hey friends! First of all, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who voted on the Elite 8 bracket last week. This makeover madness is even more fun than I expected!

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about, here's what's happening. We are shuffling rooms around here. My office headquarters (affectionately referred to as “HQ” around here) is moving downstairs to our girls' old playroom so that they can move into separate bedrooms (necessitated by the fact that Avery keeps waking Attley up too early in the mornings). Sooo…. I have a whole new room to design and I want YOUR help. WOOO HOOO!

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So farpillow cover home decor, we have moved the old playroom to a section of our family room (you can see a sneak peek of that in this post) and have painted. Here's what it looked like after we emptied the room and patched all the holes. (Please don't tell me that I'm the only one who makes that many holes in their walls).

And here's what it looks like after we painted it a creamy white color. It's a totally blank slate. I need your help to make it pretty! So, please help me design my new office March Madness style!

Last week y'all voted on the Elite 8. Only four of the designs advanced to this week. So, check out the Final 4 bracket with the winners YOU CHOSE from last week!

This week, the final 4 designs face off against each other. The winners will advance to the FINAL ROUND next week, so be sure to vote for your favorite! I've added new elements to the final 4 designs for you to considerand will add even more to the designs before the final match next week.

To cast your vote, head over to my Facebook pageand find the current face off. Just leave a quick comment and we'll tally them up! Here are the challengesthat I need you to vote on this week. The designs this week feature four main elements–a fabric, a piece of art, a rug and an office chair.

I can't wait to see which designs you vote for this week!!!! Sooooo…. head over and cast your vote.

Room Reveals pillow covers farmhouse

Orange is one of those colours that people are afraid to use in the home as we often see it in a more bright and saturated shade – in which case you have to be a lover to dare decorating with it. However, the softer pastel shades of orange are less dizzying and can bring in all the warmth in which it is celebrated for but without being too bold or shocking! Take a look at some of the ideas below for how to use a softer shade of this hue in a warm and laid-back environment.

No need to have a dedicated area for printing fabrics in your sewing or craft space! BERNINA?Ambassador Heidi Lund shares a tip to create a surface design area?for printing?or painting fabrics almost anywhere in your home.

Here’s a note from Gail Garber, quilter, author, teacher, and BERNINA National Artisan: